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Can you identify these mystery patches?

If so, or if you want to offer up a guess, please email me:


mystery1.jpg (30861 bytes)

mystery2.jpg (19325 bytes)

mystery3.jpg (11182 bytes)

mystery4.jpg (14711 bytes)

mystery5.jpg (71065 bytes)

mystery11.jpg (26884 bytes)

mystery8.jpg (42271 bytes)

mystery10.jpg (16859 bytes)


mystery12.jpg (21904 bytes)



If you have mystery patches that you think may be from the Seattle area, and you want them posted here, just email them to me.


Mysteries Solved!

06/06/2005 - W. Carl Rigtrup

"This was my first Scout campout, the 1950 Green River District Camporee."


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