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Adult Training - Cub Scout Leaders

For more than 15 years the Chief Seattle Council held an all-day training specifically for Cub Scout leaders.  Known as Pow Wow, the event provided Scouters with resources for pack and den programs, including crafts, ceremonies, games, and much more.  Pow Wow occurred in the fall, and in later years was scheduled twice, once in the Seattle metro area and once on the Olympic peninsula, to give more people an opportunity to attend.  2005 was the final year for Pow Wow, since starting the following year Cub Scout leaders could get their training at the Program and Training Conference.

1980 Staff Neckerchief

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In 1998 a neckerchief was made for Cub Scout leader(s) attending the Webelos Scout Program Conference at the Philmont Training Center.  If you have more information about this, please contact me.

1998 Neckerchief




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