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1947 International Patrol Leaders Conference

International Patrol Leaders Conventions were held annually beginning in 1920 and occurring until at least 1947.  In 1934, the Seattle Area Council had a quota of 100 Scouts who could attend the convention in Bellingham.  In 1938 for example, 40 youth leaders from the council attended the convention in Tacoma.  Other host cities included Aberdeen, Olympia, Seattle, and, since it was truly an international event, New Westminster, B.C.

These conferences brought together youth troop leaders for training.  The Saturday morning class schedule from 1938 is representative of the types of topics presented: "Financing the Troop", "The Duties of the Senior Patrol Leader", "The Place of the Junior Assistant Scoutmaster", and "Civic Service Opportunities".  Visiting participants typically stayed in the home of a host Scout for the weekend, allowing for further fellowship and the exchange of ideas.

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1948 BSA National Meeting

In 1948 the Boy Scouts of America held its annual National Meeting in Seattle.  Professionals and volunteers from across the country attended.

Honor Troop

Honor Troop Armband

A handful of Scouts from around the Pacific Northwest were selected to serve in the Honor Troop, performing flag ceremonies and accompanying dignitaries during the meeting.



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