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1990's Events



1991 World Jamboree

The 1991 World Jamboree happened in South Korea.




1993 National Jamboree

The 1993 National Jamboree was held at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia.


93njpin.jpg (10586 bytes)

Hat Pin

93njpatch1.jpg (27946 bytes)

Troop 921 Patch

Troop 921 Hat Pin

93njpatch2.jpg (29630 bytes)

Troop 922 Patch

93njpatch3.jpg (29106 bytes)

Troop 924 Patch

Troop 924 Hat Pin



1995 World Jamboree

The 1995 World Jamboree took place in Flevoland, the Netherlands (Holland).




1997 National Jamboree

The 1997 National Jamboree was held at Virginia's Fort A.P. Hill.


JSP; for adult leaders

97njpin.jpg (11231 bytes)

Hat Pin

Troop 702 Patch

97njnickel.jpg (10297 bytes)

Troop 715 Wooden Nickel

Troop 720 Patch



1999 World Jamboree

The 1999 World Jamboree was held at Picarquin, Chile, which is south of Santiago.


JSP; for contingent members

99wjpin1.jpg (7137 bytes)

Hat Pin

Troop 303

Unit Numeral

Venturing JSP

99wjpin2.jpg (8836 bytes)

Venturing Hat Pin



1999 Top Hands Conference

The Top Hands Conference is a meeting of Scout professionals, and was held in Seattle in 1999.

99thpatch.jpg (41030 bytes)




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