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Cascade Scout Reservation




By the early 1950's, the summer camp program at Camp Parsons was operating at capacity, and members of the Council Camping Committee felt that additional summer camp facilities would be needed as the Scouting program continued to grow.  In 1955, a piece of property north of Monroe was purchased.  That property, 165 acres surrounding Lake Hughes, became the Cascade Scout Reservation.


The Scouts who arrived at the Reservation for summer camp in 1956 found a camp that was in the process of taking shape.  For the time being it was even without an official name, and was simply "Res X".  By the following summer, 1957, more developments had been completed and Camp Omache opened for business.  More property to the north of Camp Omache was acquired, and In 1963 the Rocking T-H Ranch opened.  The Ranch offered programs for older Scouts and Explorers, including trail rides and horsemanship programs.  In 1967, Camp Brinkley opened and summer camp programs operated at both ends of the Reservation for the next ten years.  Camp Omache closed in 1977, but was still used for training weekends, camporees, and JLT.  In the 1980's, Camp Brinkley began offering more Cub Scout programs, especially on weekends during the spring and fall, and in the 1990's a Cub Scout resident camp was offered, with a changing theme each year.  To accommodate the growing demand for Cub Scout programs, a new camp was built on the site of the old Camp Omache and named Camp Pigott.  Camp Pigott opened in 2003 as a Boy Scout summer camp, and since then Camp Brinkley has been used for Cub Scout camping in the summer.




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